Kashyyyk Planetary Library presents*
*translated into Basic from Shyriiwook.

So you’ve been blessed by the Great Tree and given a litter of cubs? Congratulations, and many blessings upon your clan.

There is, however, the small matter of naming your younglings. For this the Kashyyyk Planetary Library has made available this holopamphlet to aid you and your mate in giving your cubs suitable namesakes that honor your ancestors and will, in turn, be remembered by your descendants.

The following are some helpful (and very general) guidelines to assist you:

• Wookiees are traditionally known only by a single given name.
• Wookiee names are heavy on vowels (A,E,I,O,U), W’s, H’s, G’s, R’s and Y’s.
• Littermates and Wookiees of related clans are often given similar names in honor of their brethren.
• Some notable Wookiees include: Chewbacca, Lowbacca, Lofryyhn, Snoova, Frorral, Kerritharr, Grakkata, Gaartatha, Nagraoao, Arrikabukk, Spetbecca, Busurra, Attichitcuk, Chalmun, Katarra, Dewlannamapia, Salporin, Shoran, Gaartatha, Tarkazza, Geyyahab, Wrrlevgebev, Groznik, Isshaddik, Jiprirr, Mallatobuck, Dryanta, Katykam, Kichiir, Jowdrrl, Kallabow, Liak, Lumpawarrump, Mahraccor, Grashk, Grayyshk, Frorral, Nagraoao, Nawruun, Raabakyysh, Chenlambec, Ralera, Snufftalon, Tamarc, Krotorra, Lamorrack, Twen, Urartu, Montacca, Gorrlyn, Grasheel, Motamba, Utchakkaloch, Vargi, Ralrracheen, Wynni, Yarua.

The following are some common Shyriiwook prefixes and suffixes which can be combined to form a complete Wookiee name. It is not uncommon to combine more than one suffix and/or prefix in a single name.

Common Wookiee Prefixes Common Wookiee Suffixes
• arri: "mighty" or "strong"
• atti: "Father", "Mother", or "first"
• bus: "home", "life", or "tree"
• chal: "hidden" or "shadow"
• chew: "honored", "noble", or "trusted"
• ciiir: "ancient" or "wise"
• dew: "fierce" or "stout"
• dry: "elder" or "wizened"
• fro: "proud" or "powerful”
• geyy: "fat" or "great"
• gra: "peaceful" or "sure"
• groz: "burning", "furious", or "golden"
• issh: "black", "dangerous", or "deep”
• ji: "beloved" or "lucky"
• jow: "space", "star", or "vast"
• kalla: "angry" or "wild”
• kat: "moon" or "white"
• kerri: "high" or "tall"
• kit: "nimble" or "swift"
• liak: "autumn" or "blood"
• lof: "clever", "cunning", or "wily"
• low: "dutiful" or "honored"
• malla: "green", "beautiful", or "valued"
• nag: "heroic" or "mythic"
• ralr: "lake", "ocean", or "river"
• ror: "marsh", "hidden", or "swamp"
• sal: "lightning", "storm", or "thunder"
• shor: "fierce" or "lethal"
• sno: "curious" or "quick"
• spet: "famed", "legendary", or "revered"
• tar: "cloud" or "mist"
• wrrl: "quiet", "soft", or "stealthy"
• addik: "guardian" or "sentinel"
• ahab: "keeper" or "warden"
• an: "craftsman" or "master"
• anta: "judge" or "leader"
• arra: "fur", "hide", or "shield"
• bacca: "ally" or "friend"
• becca: "blade" or "defender"
• bev: "child", i.e. son or daughter
• bow: "bearer", "keeper", or "worker"
• chiir: "call" or "voice"
• chit: "champion" or "hero"
• cuk: "companion" or "spouse"
• drrl: "safety", "sky", or "treetop"
• evge: "beast" or "rage"
• kabukk: "ancestor", "councilor", or "guide"
• kazza: "ghost" or "tracker"
• kkata: "child" or "scoundrel"
• lanna: "growl" or "roar"
• mapia: "season" or "storm"
• mum: "claw", "climber", or "tool"
• nik: "jester" or "riddle"
• orral: "treasure" or "worthy"
• ova: "eye", "gazer", or "seeker"
• pirr: "builder", "forger", or "trader"
• porin: "sage" or "teacher"
• ryyhn: "danger" or "silk", i.e. syren plant
• tatha: "bite" or "claw"
• tharr: "flyer" or "swimmer"
• tobuck: "music" or "singer"
• urra: "captain", "warrior", or "soldier"
• warr: "forest", "guide", or "hunter"
• ykam: "dancer" or "walker"
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